dry hands losing your chapstick zero job prospects dirty snow taco bell reading the news unemployment instagram poetry a papercut a hangnail an ingrown nail an ingrown hair the texture of bleached hair hair gel mechanical screenprinting a factory job the outer banks off season having to move not wanting to move getting fired being told you don’t work hard enough being told you’re not smart enough being told you’re not creative enough the happiness of a 3 legged dog the weird masculinity on the bachelor growing up at the beach and then moving away from the beach wilting indoor plants public parks living in a society that does not care about women having to vote for one of the presidential nominees being a woman in a society that places the “severe impact” a punishment might have on the rapist above the suffering of the victim always being cold doing things alone because you have to not because you want to moving to a new place and living there for 6 months and still having no friends having no friends forgetting deodorant one missing sock having to pee in the middle of the night uneven eyeliner curbside furniture consumerism missing the bus running with a backpack one dead xmas light wet socks paper cuts goatees rent elevator music the comments section department stores comic sans checking your email seeing a dog you can’t pet loving dogs whose life span is so much shorter than your own loving old dogs loving dogs making responsible decisions having to leave somewhere you’re having fun because you have work in the morning having to leave somewhere you’re having fun to catch a train going to a show alone cream grey living in a city working when your friends are off having a day off when all your friends work meat looking in the mirror and being content with being unhappy with your appearance looking in the mirror and being unhappy with your appearance subway tinder jeb bush’s campaign old people with stuffed animals decorative tissue boxes pigeons a wednesday night